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Don’t talk to the police

There’s been a lot of conversation about whether or not to talk to the police when they ask you questions.  Know your rights and shut up.  If you think I’m wrong there is this famous video on UTube you should … Continue reading

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Gates redux–contempt of cop

All I can say is that now people are beginning to see what I was writing about last week.  The Gates Affair wasn’t race, it was a guy who thought he was able to lip off at a cop learning … Continue reading

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Police and Dr. Gates–there’s something in the air

Most everyone by now has heard of the arrest in his home of Henry Louis Gates, the very prominent Harvard Professor who is African-American.   Some people say it’s racism. Some say the cop was out of control.  Frankly, I’m not … Continue reading

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Get behind him

Talking with a friend today about teaching our children how to drive.  I noted that nobody ever teaches 1 key thing that can save more lives than almost anything except wear your seatbelt. What is that thing?  It’s simple really:  … Continue reading

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stop being so shy

Here’s a story to make my point:  I was out last night with my 17 year-old daughter. We were visiting friends & watching the fights (she loves the fights & is a fighter herself).  My friends had their sons with … Continue reading

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Another cop goes nuts

You all thought I was wrong when I complained that some cops are absolutely out of control?  Then check out this story about a poor guy who just got on the wrong side of an arrogant cop.  You know how … Continue reading

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The Hitman Scam

I don’t like to call attention to these things but there’s a “new” scam out there that is causing people some grief.  What happens is they get an email or a note or something telling them that a contract to … Continue reading

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I still* hate earphones & other electrical distractions

I’m reading the Washington Post this a.m. and notice, in the Metro section, that crimes on our subway system are up.  No kidding?  Apparently the crimes are “crimes of opportunity”.  In other words, it’s all your fault.  Yep, you should … Continue reading

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Check your “6”

If you drew a clock around you, the “12” would be straight ahead, the “3” directly to your right, the “9” directly to your left and the “6” directly behind you.  Always check your “6”.  That means look behind you.  … Continue reading

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Subways and Buses

I didn’t think I would ever have to write this particular post but I guess I was wrong.  Recent news articles in DC and NYC have compelled me to say people, please!  Just because you are on a subway or … Continue reading

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