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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Your Shredder ain’t that good anymore

I was reading Slate magazine just recently and found this new article.  According to The Explainer there are now fairly inexpensive programs that allow you to scan the bits and pieces of shredded papers into a computer and then reassemble … Continue reading

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Use technology to help

If you have a breakin and things are stolen you will have to document your losses.  This can be difficult as insurance companies are not always the most cooperative. So one thing you can do in advance is to videotape … Continue reading

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Don’t talk to the police

There’s been a lot of conversation about whether or not to talk to the police when they ask you questions.  Know your rights and shut up.  If you think I’m wrong there is this famous video on UTube you should … Continue reading

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Gates redux–contempt of cop

All I can say is that now people are beginning to see what I was writing about last week.  The Gates Affair wasn’t race, it was a guy who thought he was able to lip off at a cop learning … Continue reading

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Police and Dr. Gates–there’s something in the air

Most everyone by now has heard of the arrest in his home of Henry Louis Gates, the very prominent Harvard Professor who is African-American.   Some people say it’s racism. Some say the cop was out of control.  Frankly, I’m not … Continue reading

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Get free security advice before something happens

There’s been a spate of problems and threats to lawyers and judges recently & I’m getting a lot of calls and other contacts requesting help.  Here’s a simple one:  Get a free home and office security inspection by the police.  … Continue reading

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Get behind him

Talking with a friend today about teaching our children how to drive.  I noted that nobody ever teaches 1 key thing that can save more lives than almost anything except wear your seatbelt. What is that thing?  It’s simple really:  … Continue reading

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Make security a habit

I was talking to one of my daughters today and the topic of carrying a whistle and flashlight came up. She’s got small ones that will fit on her keychain.  So she should carry them right?  All the time right? … Continue reading

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Elder Abuse–financial

This is a topic I don’t usually write about.  But my mother died a few months ago and I’ve come to realize how important this is.  Now, I don’t know a lot about this topic but I ran into a … Continue reading

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Another cop goes nuts–this time in TX

Think I’m kidding?  Well, even  in Texas a Judge has had enough with the rogue cops.  It’ s kind of amazing what’s going on with the police these days.  Must be the effect of seeing all those Law & Order … Continue reading

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