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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Gun safety

This seems to me to be redundant but apparently it is not.  If you have children and own a firearm you have certain obligations:  you must protect the kids from the weapon and the weapon from the kids.  By this … Continue reading

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Do not get a firearm unless you are willing to use it. Many people go out and get weapons with the thought that they will just waive them like magic wands to make bad people go away. It doesn’t work … Continue reading

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Firearms 2

Using a firearm and actually hitting a stationary target is not easy.  People practice for years to do that.  Doing it with a handgun at the end of your arm is harder.  Doing it with a full adrenalin rush, in … Continue reading

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Breaking up a fight

How many times have you seen (in a movie or in real life) someone try to break up a fist fight?  Now, I don’t mean to jump in and help a friend, I genuinely mean to break it up.  And … Continue reading

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The Internet

I don’t know if this is a rant or just venting or if this thought actually might help someone.  But anyway, I was watching TV yesterday a.m. and noticed that they were giving a big presentation to a guy who … Continue reading

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Karate, Judo and other Martial Arts

Martial Arts, Judo, Karate, Jeet Kun Do, yadayadayada.  All the martial arts.  All designed to make you into the world’s untimate weapon.  All designed to equalize the threat.  And none of them permit you to do miracles.  You cannot master … Continue reading

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I realize that the discussin below is is not for everyone, but some lawyers, journalists, stalking victims etc. do face this danger regularly. (If you are a lawyer the danger can be from both a disgruntled client or the other … Continue reading

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One thing many people can do is to get a dog.  Almost any breed of dog can be a good “watchdog”, even breeds that are generally not thought of as good guard or attack dogs, like Cocker Spaniels or poodles.  … Continue reading

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Rant ON!!

I just had a conversation with the mother of a friend of my youngest daughter.  The girls were planning to go shopping at the mall tomorrow & the other Mom was going to take them.  We had never met–in fact … Continue reading

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Something came up on a listerve I belong to over the Holidays and it got me thinking.  How many of you (especially you women) get pulled in to hugs or kisses that are unwanted.  Frequently it’s relatives doing this but … Continue reading

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