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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Subways and Buses

I didn’t think I would ever have to write this particular post but I guess I was wrong.  Recent news articles in DC and NYC have compelled me to say people, please!  Just because you are on a subway or … Continue reading

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Subways & buses (cont.)

Another thought about traveling by bus or subway:  Try and sit near the driver.  S/he may not help you but they can call for help or at least be a witness.

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“Rape Whistles” (cont. from Oct. 30)

Back in October I posted about why I’m not a fan of “rape whistles”.  Someone pointed out to me that you don’t have to carry the whistle on your key chain.  You could carry it on a necklace or bracelet … Continue reading

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Weapons and stupid

I'[ve been reading two different stories about the same event in the Washington Post and the New York Times.  The stories seem to agree somewhat but what a difference! This is going to be a long post so bear with … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Safety kit (cont.)

17.  candles & matches 18. whistle 19. compass 20.  map.

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Cold weather

With winter upon us (and especially the snow & ice storms) I thought it might be a good idea to post a few tips or material about cold weather survival.  First of all, the Centers for Disease Control has a … Continue reading

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cold weather safety kit

With this post and any comments you, my faithful readers add, I hope to help people create a list of things to carry in their car during winter travel.  Let’s start: 1.  Space blanket 2.  high energy foods 3.  Cell … Continue reading

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Parking Lots

I was reading about the Missosuri serial killer on CNN today.  He was pretty smart apparently.  One thing which caught my eye:  he stalked his victims in parking lots and then followed them until they went home.  What’s the moral … Continue reading

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Good Security is good business

Down in Florida there is another parking lot story:  a waiter was shot in one and finally received a measure of justice. But they never found the shooter.  What happened is that the waiter sued the mall where he was … Continue reading

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It must be the season, unless there’s something in the Water

This is getting ridiculous.  First there is the shooting at a Colorado Church and now there is the shooting at a Nevada School Bus stop.  Before that there was the shooting at the Nebraska shopping mall.  Clearly, people need to … Continue reading

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