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Monthly Archives: April 2007

cyber threats

There’s been a big flurry of news articles recently about threats to women and others on the web.  The most recent of these is the one titled “Sexual Threats Silence Some Female Bloggers” in today’s Washington Post.  Now, it seems … Continue reading

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At last! somebody makes sense

It’s Sunday but I wanted to get this short post out because I found a news article that actually makes sense and gives good advice.  It’s in Slate.  I can’t believe it since so many give such bad advice but … Continue reading

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There’s an article and accompanying video in the Washington Post that got my attention.  It’s headline says:  “Defense Training Goes Begging for Airline Crews”.  Now I could make several comments about the kind of training the are being given and … Continue reading

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Getting the Creeps

Someone was just posting on a listserve I visit all the time about getting the creeps when she’s leaving the office.  So she wallks carefully to her car and listens to her instincts.  Good!  But once she gets to the … Continue reading

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driver safety

This is a little off-topic, but not too much.  Yesterday afternoon I was driving home when I saw 2 cars collide.  It wasn’t an accident, not exactly.   Because ill-chance wasn’t involved.  Picture this:  I’m in lane 3 of 4, and … Continue reading

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creepy visitors

Someone just posted a question about what to do if you have a “creepy” visitor.  Well, if you’ve prepared properly you already have a built-in alarm button concealed under your desk.  And, if you have the mindset for it, you’ve … Continue reading

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Breaking up a fight (again)

I just read a CNN article about a teenager who killed the principal.  www.cnn.2007/law/04/21/principal.shooting.ap/index.html. What drew my attention was that the principal tackled the kid and put him in a bear hug.  This just made things worse.  Now, you might … Continue reading

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I just posted about a kid in Wisconsin who killed his school principal.  His problem was that he was complaining about being bullied and nobody was listening to him.  I keep hearing about school killings and there always seems to … Continue reading

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Silliness reigns

Someone just sent me the following link about a theater production at Yale.  Read this article.  It’s interestingly silly. Apparently a Yale student theatre company was putting on a play that was set in medieval times and involved medieval … Continue reading

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Protection is YOUR problem

I stopped posting about a year ago because it seemed that I had said most of what I wanted to say.  But I was wrong.  Boy was I wrong!  So I’m back.  And I have a lot to say.  But … Continue reading

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