Another cop goes nuts

You all thought I was wrong when I complained that some cops are absolutely out of control?  Then check out this story about a poor guy who just got on the wrong side of an arrogant cop.  You know how I know?

1)  the charges were dropped (and they wouldn’t have dropped the charges if at all possible since the charges would functionally immunize the police dep’t from the inevitable lawsuit0 and

2)  the cop’s own words ““I got within 10 feet, and he continued to not want to listen to my words,” Chancellor said during Ladou’s preliminary hearing. “He did not want to come talk to me. …” Funny thing about that–you don’t have to talk to a cop if you don’t want to.  They can’t stop you except for a short frisk for safety (and sometimes to create a pretext) and they can’t seize you and make you do anything unless you are under arrest.  And for that they need probably cause.

Dumb cop, they deserve what they get.

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