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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Approaching your car part 1

In my last post I said I would write a bit about safety in parking lots.  So here goes with the first tip: When you approach your car, look around before you get there.  That’s right–before.  That means as you … Continue reading

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Parking Lots

I saw an article in the local paper this morning–somebody was walking to their car in a parking lot and suddenly the lights went out. When he woke up his briefcase, laptop, jewelry, wallet were all gone.  No idea what … Continue reading

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I think I’ve posted about this before but a story in today’s Washington Post has brought it back to mind.  A neighbor keeps a large ladder outside his house and the neighbors are upset–they think thieves are using the ladder … Continue reading

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I stumbled on an interesting article by Caitlin Flanagan in the June Atlantic Magazine. In it Flanagan demonstrates how easy it is to become a cyberstalker.  She focuses on My Space and teenagers, but to me the article raises a … Continue reading

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Get Behind them

It’s graduation time.  And summer time.  And time for all the tired, drunk, impaired drivers to be out on the roads more.  So, what do you do if you see one of these coming up on you?  Or you come … Continue reading

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Walking the dog

Just a short thought tonight:  when you are out–walking or jogging or whatever–and you see somebody walking a dog if you aren’t sure about the dog, pass on the person’s side not the dog’s side.  So, if the dog is … Continue reading

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A lot of people won’t believe this but …  within about 7-10 feet, a knife can be more dangerous than a firearm.  So be careful if someone approaches you with a knife in their hand.  For  some reason many people … Continue reading

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Get a harness not a leash

By now many of you have read or seen CNN or the various news media and the talk about the woman who drove a car into a crowd at a Washington, D.C. street festival.  A lot of people got hurt, … Continue reading

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It’s summertime!

And you are out enjoying the late evening daylight.  And so is everyone else.  I saw something in today’s Washington Post which caught my eye:  crime increases as daylight increases.  So, just because it’s a nice night and you are … Continue reading

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Use Your mirrors

Yesterday I was out driving.  Just a normal run to the stores.  I pulled into the parking lot and suddenly noticed that someone was following me.  All the way to where I park.  No place to drive away.  So I … Continue reading

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