The Hitman Scam

I don’t like to call attention to these things but there’s a “new” scam out there that is causing people some grief.  What happens is they get an email or a note or something telling them that a contract to kill them has been placed but the hitman has a conscience.  So if they will just pay off the hitman, the contract will be canceled.  This is nonsense and absurd and illogical.  Think about it.  So the hit man refuses to act.  Is the person who put out the contract going to be dissuaded?  No.  Would the hitman take the chance that the person issuing the contract will want revenge on the hitman?  No. Is there such a thing as a professional hitman who has such a tender conscience?  No.

If someone pulls this stunt on you, call the police. It’s extortion.  If you doubt me, the FBI knows about this and gives advice.   Bottom line–don’t fall for it.

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