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Dumb and dumber on an airplane

I was down in Florida on Thursday and Friday working. Took a couple of days and flew back yesterday.  Crowded plane.   But Dumb and dumber struck and I don’t believe it.  What happened you say?  Simple: The woman next … Continue reading

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More (and for the moment last) Travel tips

OK.  Just a few more thoughts on travel safety: 1.  Leave the nice watch and jewelry at home.  A nice watch implies that you have a lot of money.  Wear a cheap one you can afford to lose. But, men, … Continue reading

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Another 4 travel tips

1.  Learn a few key phrases.  Not just “where’s the bathroom?”  How about “Call the police!”  “fire!” or “May I see your ID (badge) please?”  You might also add “I don’t have any more money.” and “I left my passport … Continue reading

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4 more travel tips

A friend of mine went to Tokyo and, after work, went out for dinner & a drink.  He woke up about 6 hour later.  Many thousands of dollars on his charge card.  So, watch out for Mickey Finns.  For you … Continue reading

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Check your “6”

If you drew a clock around you, the “12” would be straight ahead, the “3” directly to your right, the “9” directly to your left and the “6” directly behind you.  Always check your “6”.  That means look behind you.  … Continue reading

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