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Monthly Archives: August 2009

More (and for the moment last) Travel tips

OK.  Just a few more thoughts on travel safety: 1.  Leave the nice watch and jewelry at home.  A nice watch implies that you have a lot of money.  Wear a cheap one you can afford to lose. But, men, … Continue reading

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Another 4 travel tips

1.  Learn a few key phrases.  Not just “where’s the bathroom?”  How about “Call the police!”  “fire!” or “May I see your ID (badge) please?”  You might also add “I don’t have any more money.” and “I left my passport … Continue reading

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Fighting Words

I generally am a strong believer in free speech.  I truly believe that you should be able to say (almost) anything without penalty. That’s 1 reason why I get so upset at “contempt of cop” charges.  You shouldn’t be arrested … Continue reading

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4 more travel tips

A friend of mine went to Tokyo and, after work, went out for dinner & a drink.  He woke up about 6 hour later.  Many thousands of dollars on his charge card.  So, watch out for Mickey Finns.  For you … Continue reading

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Tips for when you travel internationally

Just a few tips for travelers going to a strange country or city.  Keep in mind that while a smile may be your umbrella, sometimes people want to steal the damn thing.  So the first 4 trips for travel are: … Continue reading

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Iphone apps

I found a nice app for my Iphone recently. It’s “call 911″.  it’s free!  You just download it and it installs itself.  Then move it to the bottom bar of the Iphone.  Then it’s there all the time.  Press it … Continue reading

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Best advice I can give when talking to the police

Finally!  Now, finally, the national conversation about Professor Gates’s problems have moved beyond race and into the area where they belong:  “contempt of cop”.  But there is still a problem with the discussion:  it’s focused on minorities’ experiences with the … Continue reading

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Parking Lots

When you park in your parking lot at work choose a space away from barriers that obscure your vision.  You don’t want to be surprised by someone coming out from behind a barrier or column.  Be sure to park in … Continue reading

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Bushes & thorns

Beware high dense bushes blocking your view of anyone hiding near a window or door. They are a security risk because someone can hide behind them and either break in or attack you from hiding.  If you have them be … Continue reading

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