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Recent shooting at Virginia college proves the point

Recently a young man walked in to his classroom and opened fire on his teacher. Fortunately the teacher ducked behind his desk and then the rifle jammed.  What’s the point proven?  Be alert, drop to the ground, get behind something … Continue reading

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Dumb and dumber on an airplane

I was down in Florida on Thursday and Friday working. Took a couple of days and flew back yesterday.  Crowded plane.   But Dumb and dumber struck and I don’t believe it.  What happened you say?  Simple: The woman next … Continue reading

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drop & roll

I’ve been reading a lot recently about gunshots suddenly breaking out. It could be a Club, on the street, at the Mall, or even, Bless us all, at an Apple Store in the suburbs. Violence is all around us. So … Continue reading

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It’s not just lawyers is it?

So there I am, having made my post for the day, when I come on this this one about a therapist who is killed by a client with a cleaver.  No puns now.  But it just goes to show:  If … Continue reading

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Weapons and stupid

I'[ve been reading two different stories about the same event in the Washington Post and the New York Times.  The stories seem to agree somewhat but what a difference! This is going to be a long post so bear with … Continue reading

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I’m not quite sure what brought it to mind a while ago I saw a man with several big rings on both hands.  He was wearing a thumb ring, a pinky ring and a ring on his middle finger on … Continue reading

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get down and stay down

I was reading about today’s shooting at a mall on CNN and had a thought:  These days modern bullets can and will go right through glass, dry wall, cabinetry and even car doors.  Worse yet, they can hurt or kill … Continue reading

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Don’t scare the cops

In my last post I talked about hiding from a shooter.  In this one, I would like to remind people that the police will respond and, when they do, they will be very jittery.  They will know shots were fired.  … Continue reading

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Practice, practice Practice

I’ve talked about this before, I think, but it bears repeating over and over.  If you are going to have a weapon you must practice with it.  CNN had this article linked to a man who shot 6 times at … Continue reading

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Mace & Pepper Spray Part 1

I was teaching a seminar on how to protect yourself to a college sorority last week.  Thank you all ladies of Alpha Phi at GMU it was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed talking to all of you.  But seriously, … Continue reading

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