I still* hate earphones & other electrical distractions

I’m reading the Washington Post this a.m. and notice, in the Metro section, that crimes on our subway system are up.  No kidding?  Apparently the crimes are “crimes of opportunity”.  In other words, it’s all your fault.  Yep, you should put away those delightful Ipods, and Itouches and Iphones and other cute little (expensive) electronic devices.  Otherwise some yobbo will just be overcome by the temptation and walk up to you and grab it away from you.

Now I don’t know what or who upsets me the most.  First, you are supposed to be paying attention to your environment so this doesn’t happen.  But I understand being distracted.  God knows it happens to me when I’m emailing or texting or whatever.  Still, try to “check your 6” more often.  But second, it’s a “crime of opportunity”????  What?!!!  So just whose fault is it now?  One day some yobbo is gonna pick the wrong person to “opportunize” and pay for it.  Then what happens?  I bet we can all guess.

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