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Fake Cops

They seem to show up in bunches.  But they can do a lot of damage.  Fortunately, some have bad luck, like this guy who pulled over a real cop.  If you aren’t a cop though, you could be in real … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Safety kit (cont.)

17.  candles & matches 18. whistle 19. compass 20.  map.

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Cold weather

With winter upon us (and especially the snow & ice storms) I thought it might be a good idea to post a few tips or material about cold weather survival.  First of all, the Centers for Disease Control has a … Continue reading

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cold weather safety kit

With this post and any comments you, my faithful readers add, I hope to help people create a list of things to carry in their car during winter travel.  Let’s start: 1.  Space blanket 2.  high energy foods 3.  Cell … Continue reading

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Parking Lots

I was reading about the Missosuri serial killer on CNN today.  He was pretty smart apparently.  One thing which caught my eye:  he stalked his victims in parking lots and then followed them until they went home.  What’s the moral … Continue reading

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Good Security is good business

Down in Florida there is another parking lot story:  a waiter was shot in one and finally received a measure of justice. But they never found the shooter.  What happened is that the waiter sued the mall where he was … Continue reading

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Wear your Seatbelts

Here in the DC suburbs there have been a rash of car accidents with young drivers–teens mainly. According to the Washington Post story there have been 13 young people killed in the past few weeks.  Our governments are thinking about … Continue reading

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Shopping tip–put receipts with the presents

Last year I ran into a new cop trick.  At the random stops we see so much of this year, they will pull some people out of line and ask to search the car.  Now, you don’t have to permit … Continue reading

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Christmas Presents

We’re approaching the Holiday season now and the present-buying time is approaching. Well, something that came up at my seminar for the Alpha Phi ladies of GMU is this:  the police stop cars periodically, especially as the holidays approach us.  … Continue reading

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Cars (last for a while)

Now that fall is finally here (even if today’s temperatures are in the upper 80’s) think about cold weather security.  Not personal security directly, but what to put in your car in case something goes wrong.  Check your flashlight and … Continue reading

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