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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Kids & backpacks

About once a year I go off on a rant about kids and backpacks.  It goes like this:  parents we tell the kids that if they lose their books or backpacks they are in DEEP doo-doo.  The kids really hear … Continue reading

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Kids, backpacks & cell phones

Now that cell phones are creeping down into the lower grades, think about this too: my kid (until we talked about it) kept her wallet & cell phone in her backpack. Great!  So if she needs to call for help … Continue reading

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Cars (last for a while)

Now that fall is finally here (even if today’s temperatures are in the upper 80’s) think about cold weather security.  Not personal security directly, but what to put in your car in case something goes wrong.  Check your flashlight and … Continue reading

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