Distinct Services

What distinguishes my service from that of other lawyers:

  • Extremely responsive, patient, and timely personal attention to client questions and matters
  • Encourage open, frequent communication between attorney and client
  • Appropriately aggressive in litigated matters, yet able to settle matters out of court when advantageous to my client
  • Personally involved in every client matter, and do not delegate cases to inexperienced junior colleagues unfamiliar with the case or the law
  • Access to an unusually broad and deep cultivated personal network of top-notch professionals, ranging from specialty practice lawyers (through helping to run a lawyers’ networking group) to accountants to most other service providers;
  • Refrain from accepting matters outside my areas of practice (not a “jack-of-all-trades”); instead, energetically participate in the process of recommending other professionals appropriate to the particular task or matter, for the mutual benefit of the client and my network of professionals
  • Zealous about fairness to clients in billing practices
  • Ph.D. in Economics and, having run a small business for more than 10 years, a good understanding of the practical issues involved in owning and operating a business.
  • Make presentations at public speaking engagements as well as write and publish pieces in various online and print media – recognized expertise

Several examples of matters handled:

Litigation — Sample categories of litigation:

  • Defense of numerous companies and individuals against breach of contract claims (non-payment and other non-performance) by vendors/suppliers, joint venturers, affiliates, and other parties;
  • Prosecution on behalf of numerous companies and individuals asserting claims of various breaches of contract and other violations of applicable law;
    • Commercial Real Estate breach of leasing agreements;
    • Corporate dissolution and dispute
    • Personal injury cases
    • Virginia Sunshine Act and US Freedom of Information Act
    • Enforcement of Real Estate buy/sell Agreements
    • Land use and Zoning issues
    • Enforcement of contract rights between bands and promoters in music industry