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Monthly Archives: December 2005

Listen to Yourself

Human beings and our ancestors have been around for millions of years.  And, as a result, our instincts for danger have evolved, become more sensitive, and better at detecting possible threats.  Listen to those instincts!  More than any other thing … Continue reading

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Don’t Walk Between Groups

Many years ago I learned this one the hard way.  As you walk down the street, get into an elevator, get on the subway or a bus, don’t walk between a group.  This means you actually have to keep your … Continue reading

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Ever roll up a magazine and carry it in your hand?  Ever do that with a newspaper?  Ever see someone doing that?  Well, if you do, you might want to pay a little more attention to that person than you … Continue reading

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Beware of “stuff”

I was counseling someone today who holds a prominent public position and is being stalked.  We don’t know how bad it is yet, but one thing we talked about is worth mentioning right now.  If you are concerned, do *not* … Continue reading

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Take presents out of your car

I was out grocery shopping with my daughters yesterday and we were using their car.  So when we went to load the groceries into the trunk, there wasn’t enough room.  Why?  Because they had stashed their presents for other people … Continue reading

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Look around

As a followup to my earlier post about “check your “6””, when you are approaching your car (especially these days with an armload of presents) be aware of the other cars around you.  Who is in them?  What are they … Continue reading

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Check your “6”

If you work in public space or are walking down the street your most vulnerable side is your back.   If you were in the center of a clock, straight ahead would be “12”, your right side would be “3”, your … Continue reading

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I hate IPods

I hate IPods!  They are small, convenient, give good sound, hold lots of music, and are very affordable.  So why do I hate them?  Because when you put both ear pieces in your ears they block out the entire world.  … Continue reading

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Front Door Peep holes

I saw an old friend of mine last week.  I knew him in college, over 35 years ago.  He’s a lawyer too.  He does a lot of wills, trusts and estates work, helping families protect and preserve assets over generations.  … Continue reading

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Walking (con’t) and Shoes

I am always amazed when I see people walking on the street wearing flip-flops, high heels, sandals and backless shoes of all kinds.  It’s absurd.  When wearing these shoes you cannot walk normally with good balance–you have to worry about … Continue reading

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