stop being so shy

Here’s a story to make my point:  I was out last night with my 17 year-old daughter. We were visiting friends & watching the fights (she loves the fights & is a fighter herself).  My friends had their sons with them. So it was me, 4 adult men, my daughter and about 9 teenage boys.  Most of the boys were fine but 1 of them wouldn’t leave her alone.  He kept putting hands on her. Finally she leaned over & told me she would clock him if he kept it up. I told her “go ahead”.  So she did.  An Elbow to the kidney.  Hard.  So he left her alone.

Now, the moral, ladies, girls, boys and gents is actually simple:  you have the right to defend yourself and you don’t have to be shy about it.  In fact, being shy about defending yourself is an invitation to being hassled. So, learn from this story.  If you are being bothered, touched, aggressed against, Do Something About It.  Stand up for yourselves.  Only YOU are entitled to decide what’s too much.

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