A Case’s Outline

There are five basic phases or aspects of a trial. They are:

Case Assessment, Development and Administration

Pre-Trial Pleadings and Motions


Trial Preparation and trial and (if necessary)


Each phase consists of a number of tasks. Overall there are 29 tasks. They are:

1. Case Assessment, Development and Administration

a. Fact Investigation/Development

b. Analysis/Strategy

c. Experts/Consultants

d. Document/File Management

e. Budgeting

f. Settlement/Non-Binding ADR

g. Other Case Assessment, Development and Administration

2. Pre-Trial Pleadings and Motions

a. Pleadings

b. Preliminary Injunctions/Provisional Remedies

c. Court Mandated Conferences

d. Dispositive Motions (Motions for Summary Judgment or Motion to

Dismiss etc.)

e. Other Written Motions and Submissions

f. Class Action Certification and Notice

3. Discovery

a. Written Discovery

b. Document Production

c. Depositions

d. Expert Discovery

e. Discovery Motions

f. Other Discovery

4. Trial Preparation and Trial

a. Fact Witnesses

b. Expert Witnesses

c. Written Motions and Submissions

d. Other Trial Preparation and Support

e. Trial and Hearing Attendance

f. Post-Trial Motions and Submissions

g. Enforcement (of verdict/judgment)

5. Appeal

a. Appellate Motions and Submissions

b. Appellate Briefs

c. Oral Argument