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Holloween tip

Actaully saw a good tip at a bank yesterday.  They had a sign up which said (more or less) “So we can all have a safe Holloween, masks are not allowed in the bank. Please take your mask off before … Continue reading

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Elder Abuse–financial

This is a topic I don’t usually write about.  But my mother died a few months ago and I’ve come to realize how important this is.  Now, I don’t know a lot about this topic but I ran into a … Continue reading

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Change to Subject

On a totally different subject, to protect yourself, you might want to read Michelle Singletary’s column on how to protect your family if/when you die.  Bottom line:  make sure everyone knows where things are located and what has to be … Continue reading

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stop being so shy

Here’s a story to make my point:  I was out last night with my 17 year-old daughter. We were visiting friends & watching the fights (she loves the fights & is a fighter herself).  My friends had their sons with … Continue reading

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The Hitman Scam

I don’t like to call attention to these things but there’s a “new” scam out there that is causing people some grief.  What happens is they get an email or a note or something telling them that a contract to … Continue reading

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Hints From Heloise

I wish I could find the durn thing online.  Last week there was a letter from a former police officer that the “Hints from Heloise” column published.  It was a short letter–only 3 paragraphs–but it managed to please me and … Continue reading

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Computer Spyware is Everywhere

Even from sources you don’t expect.  You really must read Brian Schneier’s blog on Sears’ new program on Jan. 3rd.  Apparently if you join Sears’ “My SHC Community” and install their software Sears can monitor all internet traffic, including a … Continue reading

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Cold weather

With winter upon us (and especially the snow & ice storms) I thought it might be a good idea to post a few tips or material about cold weather survival.  First of all, the Centers for Disease Control has a … Continue reading

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security in Church

The Colorado shootings have highlighted a growing trend:  Churches need security too.  This has been well known to the Jewish community for years.  In fact, the Anti-Defamation League has published a Security Manual designed for synagogues but applicable to almost … Continue reading

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Call them back

I was just reading about another of the various credit card or bank scams that are going around like a flu virus.  But they all have 1 thing in common:  they try to get you to give them information over … Continue reading

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