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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Hints From Heloise

I wish I could find the durn thing online.  Last week there was a letter from a former police officer that the “Hints from Heloise” column published.  It was a short letter–only 3 paragraphs–but it managed to please me and … Continue reading

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ID Theft

A friend of mine sent me his post about what to do if your identify is stolen.  I thought the idea of a credit freeze is very interesting.  If you are having a problem with this, you should go back … Continue reading

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A Really GOOD article to read

I almost never see good articles about what to do to protect your home.  Many of the articles I do see are filled with urban legends or unhelpful “stuff” mixed in with good advice.  But I found the most amazing … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts teach anti-bullying

OK. It’s official.  Bullying is wrong!  And the Boy Scouts are doing something about it.  The problem is what.  Check out this story about the latest revisions to the Boy Scouts Manual.  AP has characterized the Boy Scouts’ advice this … Continue reading

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Fake Cops

They seem to show up in bunches.  But they can do a lot of damage.  Fortunately, some have bad luck, like this guy who pulled over a real cop.  If you aren’t a cop though, you could be in real … Continue reading

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Computer Spyware is Everywhere

Even from sources you don’t expect.  You really must read Brian Schneier’s blog on Sears’ new program on Jan. 3rd.  Apparently if you join Sears’ “My SHC Community” and install their software Sears can monitor all internet traffic, including a … Continue reading

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