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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Court Reporters and Depositions

Depositions are where the lawyers get to ask the various witnesses and parties what they know. Depositions are used for many different things, but the important thing about depositions today is that they let the lawyers “lock down” what the … Continue reading

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Don’t Threaten Criminal Prosecution

Sometimes a client will come to me and want me to threaten someone with criminal prosecution. Usually the conversation goes like this: PC: “‘Joe’ owes me $50,000.00. I want you to tell him that if he doesn’t pay me I’ll … Continue reading

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Tort Reform

You’ve heard of the “outrageous” McDonald’s case? You know it, it’s the poster child for tort reform. Well, did you know that: 1. Despite hundreds of warnings (at least 70 prior reported complaints), McDonalds refused to lower the coffee temperature … Continue reading

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