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This is the season for pickpockets according to the Washington Post and various other papers.  I won’t bother giving you the links to the stories, you can find them yourself if you google today’s date, the WP and “pickpocket”.  But … Continue reading

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Memory charms

My girls and I were having lunch with some friends of mine and we got to talking about this trick:  If you have a little child, teach them a memory rhyme or cheer to help them remember their phone number.  … Continue reading

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Practice the Memory Charms

As a follow up to the last post, my girls reminded me that every day as I took them to school we would practice their memory tricks so they would always know their address and my phone numbers.  Amazingly enough, … Continue reading

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Walking.  I bet you never knew it could be so complicated.  For that matter, I bet you, the reader, never knew that victims could be picked out with great accuracy by merely watching them walk.  The same is true for … Continue reading

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We all have passwords, PINs, and other identifying numbers.  They are for bank accounts, computers, phones, and everything else you can think of.  I *think* I have 12 or 13 of them but it could be more. And most of … Continue reading

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Another Confict and a Suggestion

Here’s another conflict over what the police suggest you do and how to resolve it:  The conflict is simple:  You are in your car (usually, but not always, at night) and are being followed by another car.  Suddenly the other … Continue reading

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Programming GPS

I was giving a speech this morning and, as always, invited suggestions and questions.  One of the participants came up with this one, which I had never thought of:  If your vehicle has a GPS installed (and more and more … Continue reading

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Code Talking

This is not something everyone needs or wants. But under the right circumstances (like being stalked) it can be a useful tip. If you are concerned about being held hostage or kidnaped or otherwise detained against your will, you can … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Computer Security

Someone asked me for some quick thoughts about computer security.  After a little thought, this is what I came up with: 90% of computer security is keeping your brain switched on.  Computer security can be divided into 2 types of … Continue reading

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A Story and a Lesson

Yesterday my older daughter came home a little early and a little upset.  And she had blood on the knuckles of her right hand.  She *had* to talk to me right away.  The story was simple:  she and another girl … Continue reading

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