Gates redux–contempt of cop

All I can say is that now people are beginning to see what I was writing about last week.  The Gates Affair wasn’t race, it was a guy who thought he was able to lip off at a cop learning that cops don’t like to be put down.  In any test of strenghth cops win. So prevent that from happening.

What Gates should have done?  I dunno, I wasn’t there. But one thing is clear:  the cop thought he was being given a hard time.  Don’t do that.  I’m not saying that you should do whatever the cop tells you (Gates was smart to refuse to “step outside” I believe) but do it respectfully.  The cop has a gun. Say “sir”, don’t take a tone with him.  If you want the name & badge number, you are entitled to them but ask for them politely.  It’s hard, I know but be polite.  Ms. Manners shows how to be polite but firm. Learn how. It can save you.

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