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I was talking with a friend of mine recently and he was worried: Seems that he was at a kids soccer game & another parent got upset about something. Rather than talking about it the other parent called my friend … Continue reading

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Keep 1 hand free

As a followup to yesterday’s post about using a rolling briefcase or cart, you should *always* keep 1 hand free.  That’s the hand to carry your keys, open doors, catch yourself when you trip, and ward off attackers.  It makes … Continue reading

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Use a cart or rollling briefcase

Whenever I go downtown I see them:  Women (and men) carrying a briefcase over one shoulder, a laptop computer over the other shoulder, a purse over the (3rd)shoulder, carrying a coat and umbrella and holding some envelopes and folders.  Frequently … Continue reading

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10 feet is close enough

I was talking with a friend of mine recently who does risk assessment consulting to the armored car business.  He told me a story of an armor car employee who walked out of a store carrying a bag with over … Continue reading

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Tasers, Stun Guns and “non-lethal” weapons

I read a letter in this month’s ABA Journal complaining because the article last month (In which I was interviewed) did  not discuss Tasers, stun guns, pepper spray and other “non-lethal” weapons.  I won’t go into this in detail now … Continue reading

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Tip 6: Email Yourself

How many times have you read about someone who goes out with their phone and keys, and they disappear and nobody has a clue where they went?  That seems to happen all the time.  At least once a year the … Continue reading

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Your Personal Information Is Visible

Did you know that people can find you with the registry of deeds or registry of motor vehicles? Did you know that in many states the only thing you need to get a name and address from the motor vehicle … Continue reading

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Speed Dial

I love the speed dial feature of modern phones.  They are so convenient.  You can use them as a protective tool too:  just program “9” on the speed dial to dial “911”.  You can do this on your home phone, … Continue reading

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Cell phones with cameras

If your teen has a camera phone and you want to check on them, call & ask them to take pictures of who they are with *right then* and send them to you.  only if you have a teenager can … Continue reading

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Cell phone rant ON

Cell phone companies love camera phones. But many places I go (and probably many of you readers) don’t let you carry cameras. Some of the Courts I appear in check and prohibit cameras and camera phones under any and all … Continue reading

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