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Alien abduction pack–more stuff

I feel pretty silly but what about Duct Tape?  forgot it. And eyeglasses if you wear them.  Other things that might go into the pack should be …. How about the external hard drive you back your entire business and … Continue reading

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Bushes & thorns

Beware high dense bushes blocking your view of anyone hiding near a window or door. They are a security risk because someone can hide behind them and either break in or attack you from hiding.  If you have them be … Continue reading

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Your Shredder ain’t that good anymore

I was reading Slate magazine just recently and found this new article.  According to The Explainer there are now fairly inexpensive programs that allow you to scan the bits and pieces of shredded papers into a computer and then reassemble … Continue reading

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Use technology to help

If you have a breakin and things are stolen you will have to document your losses.  This can be difficult as insurance companies are not always the most cooperative. So one thing you can do in advance is to videotape … Continue reading

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Get free security advice before something happens

There’s been a spate of problems and threats to lawyers and judges recently & I’m getting a lot of calls and other contacts requesting help.  Here’s a simple one:  Get a free home and office security inspection by the police.  … Continue reading

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stop being so shy

Here’s a story to make my point:  I was out last night with my 17 year-old daughter. We were visiting friends & watching the fights (she loves the fights & is a fighter herself).  My friends had their sons with … Continue reading

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I’m not kidding either.  I don’t usually use this blog to vent but this article in the Washington Post about animal protesters recounts some absolutely outrageous behavior.  Some animal rights groups are deliberately terrorizing researchers. They are even targeting the … Continue reading

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A Really GOOD article to read

I almost never see good articles about what to do to protect your home.  Many of the articles I do see are filled with urban legends or unhelpful “stuff” mixed in with good advice.  But I found the most amazing … Continue reading

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Weapons and stupid

I'[ve been reading two different stories about the same event in the Washington Post and the New York Times.  The stories seem to agree somewhat but what a difference! This is going to be a long post so bear with … Continue reading

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Cold weather

With winter upon us (and especially the snow & ice storms) I thought it might be a good idea to post a few tips or material about cold weather survival.  First of all, the Centers for Disease Control has a … Continue reading

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