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Holloween tip

Actaully saw a good tip at a bank yesterday.  They had a sign up which said (more or less) “So we can all have a safe Holloween, masks are not allowed in the bank. Please take your mask off before … Continue reading

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stop being so shy

Here’s a story to make my point:  I was out last night with my 17 year-old daughter. We were visiting friends & watching the fights (she loves the fights & is a fighter herself).  My friends had their sons with … Continue reading

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The Hitman Scam

I don’t like to call attention to these things but there’s a “new” scam out there that is causing people some grief.  What happens is they get an email or a note or something telling them that a contract to … Continue reading

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Hints From Heloise

I wish I could find the durn thing online.  Last week there was a letter from a former police officer that the “Hints from Heloise” column published.  It was a short letter–only 3 paragraphs–but it managed to please me and … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts teach anti-bullying

OK. It’s official.  Bullying is wrong!  And the Boy Scouts are doing something about it.  The problem is what.  Check out this story about the latest revisions to the Boy Scouts Manual.  AP has characterized the Boy Scouts’ advice this … Continue reading

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Wear your Seatbelts

Here in the DC suburbs there have been a rash of car accidents with young drivers–teens mainly. According to the Washington Post story there have been 13 young people killed in the past few weeks.  Our governments are thinking about … Continue reading

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Cell phones as tracking devices

For those parents who want to know what their children are up too, the cell phone companies will let you do it for a fee: Sprint Nextel and Verizon has “ehanced 911″ which you can subscribe to.  Although slightly different, … Continue reading

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Kids & backpacks

About once a year I go off on a rant about kids and backpacks.  It goes like this:  parents we tell the kids that if they lose their books or backpacks they are in DEEP doo-doo.  The kids really hear … Continue reading

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Get a harness not a leash

By now many of you have read or seen CNN or the various news media and the talk about the woman who drove a car into a crowd at a Washington, D.C. street festival.  A lot of people got hurt, … Continue reading

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footprint your babies

I was reading about some of the missing and later recovered children recently and 1 thing I noticed.  Sometimes it can be hard to prove the child is yours.  Especially if it has been several years.  Well, keep in mind … Continue reading

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