FAQ on Lawsuits

Why File a Lawsuit?

We file a lawsuit for one of two reasons: we do it for strategic reasons, or we do it

because the law requires it.

There are several strategic reasons for filing a lawsuit:

To get information that we can’t get informally. For example, we may want to

find out why a sponsor withdrew. We may know what they said, but did they tell

the whole story? To find out we will need to look at their records and

correspondence and they usually will not permit us to do that without

subpoenaing them. To subpoena them, we have to file a lawsuit first.

To take the deposition of an important witness. A deposition is a formal written

statement that is taken under oath, in the presence of the parties and their

attorneys. A deposition can be used in court as evidence. No other written

statement can be used in court as evidence. Therefore, if the witness is very

important, we will sometimes file a lawsuit simply so that we can take the

deposition of that witness, and therefore know that the testimony of that witness

can be used later on.

To make the other side take notice. Once there is an attorney on the case, the

other side pays a great deal of attention to the case and the evaluation of the


Sometimes we file a lawsuit because the law requires it. Every state has a law that

limits the amount of time in which an injured person can make a claim in court. If

you fail to file in time, you lose your rights completely. This limitation is called

the Statute of Limitations. This limit varies with each state and even within a

state depending on what type of lawsuit might be filed. Therefore, it is essential

that you obtain the advice of a competent attorney regarding your case promptly.

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