driver safety

This is a little off-topic, but not too much.  Yesterday afternoon I was driving home when I saw 2 cars collide.  It wasn’t an accident, not exactly.   Because ill-chance wasn’t involved.  Picture this:  I’m in lane 3 of 4, and all 3 lanes are stopped.  Lane 4 is a R turn lane that ends at the traffic light up about 100 yards.  But nobody is in Lane 4.  X decides to make a L turn and cross Lanes 1-4.  He picks his way through lanes 1 & 2 and starts into Lane 3.  I hit the brakes.  X then guns it to hurry across lane 4.  He doesn’t make it because Y is in a hurry and is going about 35 mph.  BOOM!

Safety issue:  if you cannot see what you are doing, maybe you shouldn’t do it?  And if you cannot see if someone is coming, maybe you shouldn’t be going (relatively) fast?  Or at least maybe you should both be prepared for the unexpected?  You decide.  But fer Pete’s Sake–what a mess!  Now, how does this observation apply to the other things we do in life?  Remember–your personal safety is your own responsibility!

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