Silliness reigns

Someone just sent me the following link about a theater production at Yale.  Read this article.  It’s interestingly silly.

Apparently a Yale student theatre company was putting on a play that was set in medieval times and involved medieval weapons–swords and knives etc.  But it was to start right after last week’s Virginia Tech shootings.  So some benighted administrator decided that it no weapons would be allowed–too traumatic.  At YALE?  Aren’t these students some of the best and brightest?  Aren’t they adults (over 18)?   Men and women their age are in Iraq facing real violence–not plays at college.  What’s going on here?  I have absolutely no idea but it seems silly in the extreme.

It’s just this sort of cosseting of our people that I was talking about yesterday.  Your health and safety is, ultimately, your responsibility.  Teaching people that the authorities will protect you from everything, even the sight of weapons in a play, is –to me–way over the top.

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