There’s an article and accompanying video in the Washington Post that got my attention.  It’s headline says:  “Defense Training Goes Begging for Airline Crews”.  Now I could make several comments about the kind of training the are being given and whether or not it will work, but I won’t.  The basic idea is “to give flight crews several basic techniques and to teach them to think about how to defend themselves … .”  And that’s good.  That’s very good.  I support that.

But …  Nobody’s coming. They even cut the course back to 1 day from 3 days.  Why?  Because airlines won’t give crew time off.  They have to do it on their own time.  What?  What are the airlines thinking?

According to the article, airlines say there is enough security already and, besides, a little training can get you in trouble, give you a false sense of security.  OK.  This is true and other places I preach the necessity of practice, practice, practice.

But, they are training for a highjacking fer Pete’s sake!  What are they supposed to do?  Nothing?  Be soap?  Nuts!  [I would be stronger but I’m hoping a lot of people will eventually read this & I don’t want to offend with vulgarity or profanity.]  It’s a HIGHJACKING!!!  Your life and the lives of others is at major risk.  You have no choice?  How can they possibly get a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY???  This is absurd.  This is the experts telling people that if you cannot be the best, if you cannot guarantee success, don’t do it.  They are training for a HIGHJACKING, and HIGHJACKERS, not Mother Teresa. I don’t undestand how the airlines can make this [normally very good] argument with a straight face.

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