Getting the Creeps

Someone was just posting on a listserve I visit all the time about getting the creeps when she’s leaving the office.  So she wallks carefully to her car and listens to her instincts.  Good!  But once she gets to the car there’s more she should do. Specifically, she should be careful about just getting in the car.  There’s an urban legend about someone hiding in the back of someone’s car.  But it could happen.  More to the point, I’ve known a situation where someone set 2 caltrops (look them up) in front of the 2 rear tires.  Start to drive away and …  bingo …  2 flat tires.  Now 1 flat tire you can deal with but it’s a distraction and being distracted is being vulnerable.  But *2* flat tires …  Now you’re prey.  So, before you get into your car, walk around it & check.

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