Mace & Pepper Spray Part 1

I was teaching a seminar on how to protect yourself to a college sorority last week.  Thank you all ladies of Alpha Phi at GMU it was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed talking to all of you.  But seriously, one of you asked an interesting question about Mace & Pepper Spray.  You carried in on your key chain and thought that might help.  Well ……

First, in Washington DC that stuff you are carrying is illegal and if you get caught with it you will go to jail.  In DC they treat Mace & Pepper Spray as if it is a handgun.  The stuff is legal in Virginia but not everywhere. D.C. is not the only place where the stuff is illegal. So if you are going to carry it, obey the law.  If you don’t know what the law is, find out.  You don’t want to go to jail for carrying something to protect yourself.

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