get down and stay down

I was reading about today’s shooting at a mall on CNN and had a thought:  These days modern bullets can and will go right through glass, dry wall, cabinetry and even car doors.  Worse yet, they can hurt or kill you even after they do that.  in TVland, of course, car doors, dry wall and cabinetry all provide perfect cover and armour when people are shooting at you.  In reality, fuggedaboudet.  So, what should you do?  I urge people to drop to the ground and roll up against someplace where you won’t be seen and where you are protected.

If you can place a brick or cement wall between you and the shooter, that’s best of all.  Failing that, put a car engine between you and the shooter.  Failing that, hide behind a car wheel.  Don’t get up and run straight away from the shooter.  If you must run, zigzag.  But if you are unarmed, find someplace safe to hide.

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