I’m not quite sure what brought it to mind a while ago I saw a man with several big rings on both hands.  He was wearing a thumb ring, a pinky ring and a ring on his middle finger on his left hand.  His right hand had rings on the index finger and ring finger.  These were very large rings.  I noticed he was also wearing silver bracelets.  Why am I talking about this?  Because these rings were the equivalent of brass knuckles on his hands.  So if you see someone wearing several big rings, watch their hands–their hands are now weapons.

On a similar note, ladies, you can use your rings as weapons too you know.  If nothing else, they will scratch an attacker’s face.  It used to be that the scratches would heal.  But now what you are really doing is taking a DNA sample for future match.

Just a couple of interesting thoughts for the day.

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