drop & roll

I’ve been reading a lot recently about gunshots suddenly breaking out. It could be a Club, on the street, at the Mall, or even, Bless us all, at an Apple Store in the suburbs. Violence is all around us. So you should be aware of just 1 or 2 key things to do when the bullets start flying.  Get DOWN.  Yep, that’s right, get down on the ground. Don’t worry about mussing up your nice clothers, don’t worry about looking like a fool.  Just GET DOWN.

Once you are down on the ground, here’s another tip for you:  roll or belly crawl up to a wall or shelter that conceals you.  That way you are hidden.  But just because you are hidden does not mean that you are protected.  Modern handguns can punch through furniture, drywall, even car doors.  Stay down!

Last, once you are down and hidden, call 911 for help.  Don’t worry that someone else might do it.  Just do it.

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