Boy Scouts teach anti-bullying

OK. It’s official.  Bullying is wrong!  And the Boy Scouts are doing something about it.  The problem is what.  Check out this story about the latest revisions to the Boy Scouts Manual.  AP has characterized the Boy Scouts’ advice this way:  “Shaken down for your lunch money? Tell the bully how it hurts. Called a crater face? The 2008 Boy Scout Handbook recommends this comeback: “So what if I have a face full of zits. What’s it to you?”.  What a bunch of nonsense.

I’ve just been to a bunch of different websites about how to stop bullying.  Their advice to the kid seems to be 4 fold:  tell an adult, ignore it, run away, or give the bully what they want because it’s dangerous to fight back.  And above all else:  Don’t Fight Back!  Great!  The kid is already being abused, beaten or stolen from and you tell them it’s dangerous to fight back?  He!! it’s dangerous not to fight back too.

The advice to parents/schools is equally inane:  gather the facts, separate the children, tell the bully you won’t tolerate her behavior and ask the bully how they would feel if this were done to them.  Like any of that is really going to help.

OK loyal readers: What suggestions do you have to stop bullying?  Let’s talk about this.

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