Hints From Heloise

I wish I could find the durn thing online.  Last week there was a letter from a former police officer that the “Hints from Heloise” column published.  It was a short letter–only 3 paragraphs–but it managed to please me and enrage me all at the same time.  First, why it pleased me:  He suggested that people put their important medical information with their Driver’s license so it could be found in case of emergency.  That’s a good idea.

But then he went off the rails:  he basically blows off cell phones entirely.  That’s not just dumb, that’s wrong.  For several years now people have been told to put their emergency contact information on the phone under “I C E” [In Case of Emergency] and anybody who ignores this new protocol is just plain wrong!  Everyone should do that.

As an aside, I’ve got to wonder about his comment re:  garage door openers and glove boxes too.  After all, it is the police who insist we have license and registration in every car.  What does this guy think is on the registration for Pete’s sake?

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