More (and for the moment last) Travel tips

OK.  Just a few more thoughts on travel safety:

1.  Leave the nice watch and jewelry at home.  A nice watch implies that you have a lot of money.  Wear a cheap one you can afford to lose. But, men, don’t wear a “military style” watch or you could be singled out for special treatment if they mistake you for a soldier on leave.

2.    Don’t order special meals. They call attention to you.  So I never order a Kosher meal on an airplane. Get vegetarian instead.

3.  I love pockets and vests.  That way I can carry all my stuff in them. Medication, glasses, whatever I can’t afford to lose it all fits into a pocket.  Better than a purse or backpack because it’s harder to steal.

4.  Don’t use your good cell phone.  Buy a cheap local local cell phone and get a pre-paid SIM card for it.  Cheaper, easier and if it’s stolen so what?

OK.  That’s it for now. Safe traveling.

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