Another 4 travel tips

1.  Learn a few key phrases.  Not just “where’s the bathroom?”  How about “Call the police!”  “fire!” or “May I see your ID (badge) please?”  You might also add “I don’t have any more money.” and “I left my passport in the safe.”  I’m sure similar phrases will come to mind.

2.  On a related point, Ladies there are many distasteful things you could say to an attacker that might dissuade him from raping you.  I’m not going to tell you what to say but telling a rapist you have an incurable disease or it’s the wrong time of the month etc. etc.  has been known to dissuade him.  It’s your choice but you should at least consider it and decide for yourself.

3.  Another related point:  Don’t try to be a hero.  Don’t be a smarta$$ to a guy with a gun. Be polite.  Do what they order your to do.  These guys didn’t grow up on movies and they know guns are for shooting people, not waving around like a magic wand.  They’ll shoot you in a heartbeat and laugh as you scream.

4.  When you get into a cab, keep your backpack in your lap.  In a crash it can make a dandy “airbag” to cushion a collision.

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