Fighting Words

I generally am a strong believer in free speech.  I truly believe that you should be able to say (almost) anything without penalty. That’s 1 reason why I get so upset at “contempt of cop” charges.  You shouldn’t be arrested just for saying something that the cop doesn’t like.

But there are limits and calling for the assassination of the President or judges goes too far.  In fact, the whole reason for this blog is because toxic words were becoming toxic deeds and too many lawyers and judges were getting shot , wounded and killed.  So I’m pretty upset with this raving idiot Hal Turner who has not only blogged that 3 judges who ruled in a way he didn’t like should be killed, he also put out a map showing the Courthouse where they work, the details of the bomb-blast barriers and, just to make sure everyone knew who the target were, he published the photographs of the judges.  Talk about a simple invitation to anyone who reads his blog!

What REALLY frosts me though is that he’s claiming the protection of the First Amendment.  Nonsense!  Disagree all you want.  Call for their impeachment if you like.  But to call for their assassination?  and publish their photographs and a map?  That’s too much for me  There is no excuse for this behavior and calling it the right to free speech won’t cut it.

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