Tips for when you travel internationally

Just a few tips for travelers going to a strange country or city.  Keep in mind that while a smile may be your umbrella, sometimes people want to steal the damn thing.  So the first 4 trips for travel are:

1.    Carry a cheap, spare throw-away wallet with a small amount of money and a junk ID. That way you can give them something while protecting the important stuff.

2.    Use a money belt or the equivalent to hide the important stuff like your passport.  (Do you have *any* idea how valuable a good US passport is?)

3.    Get a locking cable for your backpack or briefcase so you can fasten it to your bed, desk or even train seat.

4.    Put a chair under the door knob to your room and/or carry/make wedges to put under the door.  You really don’t want people breaking in on you without notice.

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