Something came up on a listerve I belong to over the Holidays and it got me thinking.  How many of you (especially you women) get pulled in to hugs or kisses that are unwanted.  Frequently it’s relatives doing this but the hugging bug” seems to be going around a *lot* these days.  So how to avoid it without giving offence?  Try this one:  Take the Right hand of the hugger in your Right hand.  Hold firmly with a stiff elbow.  Then grip the Right forearm of the Hugger Very Firmly with your Left hand.  Then straighten *both* arms while pumping up and down twice.  The Hugger will find it almost impossible to pull you in to a Hug.  And you will be in control of their body.  When you are done, gently push off and step back.  See:  you are free to move on.

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