Gun safety

This seems to me to be redundant but apparently it is not.  If you have children and own a firearm you have certain obligations:  you must protect the kids from the weapon and the weapon from the kids.  By this I mean:  if you have a child you have a moral obligation to make sure the kid knows not to touch the weapon.  More, the kid must be protected from the temptation to touch the weapon.  So get a gun safe or safety lock or *something*.  Here in DC we just had an 8 year old take his dad’s firearm to day care & he accidently shot a 7 year old girl while showing off.  This is so frustrating to me and so stupid!  Don’t do these things. [I am not going on a rant about the Dad, his alleged criminal record etc. because so many others are doing that already.  I’m just trying to focus on basic safety issues.]

Similarly, whether you own firearms or not, these days you simply must teach your children basic gun safety:  Don’t Touch!  If you see someone with a gun, get away!  Learn how to pick up a gun safely if you must.  So far as I’m concerned *everyone* (adults too) should learn how to handle a weapon safely, even if they don’t own any and don’t plan to own any.  Because you never know when you might need the knowledge.

Some people can quarrel with the National Rifle Association over many things. But one thing I think they do well is the Eddie Eagle gun safety program. It teaches kids how to handle firearms safely and responsibly.  I like it a lot.  Other programs will do the same thing so, if you don’t like Eddie Eagle find one you do like.  But don’t let your kids grow un ignorant of basic safety.

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