Rant ON!!

I just had a conversation with the mother of a friend of my youngest daughter.  The girls were planning to go shopping at the mall tomorrow & the other Mom was going to take them.  We had never met–in fact I didn’t know her name.  So I called to coordinate and get to know them.  But Mom seemed reluctant to tell me her name (first or last) and I had to pry her phone # out of her and then, when I asked her where they lived she didn’t give me the address until I asked *3* times.  She kept giving me vague answers until I got Very specific:  like “What’s your Exact address?”

So, people, if you are planning an outing with someone else’s kid, don’t wait to be called–call them & give them the contact information *you* would want.  Right now I have so many misgivings I’m not sure I’m even going to let my girl go.

And while I’m at it–don’t just drop the kids at the mall.  Wait for them.  Me?  I make them physically check in with me every 30 minutes–not call me on the cell, show up & prove to me that all’s well.

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