I realize that the discussin below is is not for everyone, but some lawyers, journalists, stalking victims etc. do face this danger regularly. (If you are a lawyer the danger can be from both a disgruntled client or the other side.)

For those of who tend to agitate people (divorce lawyers for example), or those who prosecute violent people or go violent places, threats are a way of life.  And some (not all) threats are credible and require you to actually take protective action.  Now, I don’t want to get in to talking (today) about how to tell the difference between someone venting and someone who is a serious danger.  That’s a different discussion.  But, if you do truly believe that you are involved with a seriously dangerous person, what can you do?  There are lots of possible responses and this blog will cover most of them in the future.  But today I want to (briefly) discuss one possible response:  get some sort of body armor.

That’s ridiculous you say?  In a non-military environment It’s hot and looks silly?  It’s uncomfortable?  It’s unnecessary?  Well, the answers all are “It depends”.  If you have someone who *seriously* is a threat to you, it is not ridiculous if you do it right, and it’s not silly looking or hot.  What am I talking about?  Simple:  you can buy an attache case or large purse that has a kevlar lining.  (Yes, they do make these things.)   What’s kevlar?  It’s the synthetic fiber that, woven into a proper mesh, makes miltary-quality body armor.  So kevlar turns your purse or attache case into an armor “shield” for you to use.

These armored cases look just like a normal briefcase or purse.  They can carry papers etc.  They weigh a bit more than a regular briefcase or purse but not too much more.  And, if you are confronted by someone with a handgun, you hold the briefcase or purse in front of you and it provides good protection for your torso.   Expensive?  Not too bad.  The last time I checked they were selling for $1200-$1500.  That was about a year ago, today they might be a bit more.  But, purchased from a reputable manufacturer, under the right circumstances they are worth every penny.

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