We’re Back

I’m sorry everyone!  I apologize!  Between the Holidays and various other emergencies of both a personal and professional nature, I took some time off from posting on  this blog.  I’m sorry.  And I really missed doing this.  So today I’m gonna try to make up for it a bit.

You remember my rant about headphones?  Well, David Rosenbaum, a New York Times reporter was killed when he went for a walk at night wearing them.  Apparently he didn’t hear his attacker coming up behind him.  Worse still, the cops and emergency people who found him didn’t know who he was and misdiagnosed him.  [The attacker took his wallet but left the headset & his watch & ring.]  Maybe if he had taken his cell phone and it had the “I C E” on it that I’ve been advocating they could have figured it out sooner.

None of this is intended to excuse either the attacker(s) or the incompetence of the rescuers, but it *is* intended to point out that, even in very safe neighborhoods, bad things and happen and mistakes and screwups can make bad things worse.  My heart goes out to Mr. Rosenbaum’s family and friends.  Maybe we can learn a little from all this.

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