Your Personal Information Is Visible

Did you know that people can find you with the registry of deeds or registry of motor vehicles? Did you know that in many states the only thing you need to get a name and address from the motor vehicle department is a tag number? How about just a name? Then you go to the courthouse and check for deeds under that name? Bingo! It’s almost frightening how much information is available.

There are also websites out there where you can get this information for minimal cost. In fact, it was only recently that a major investigation site began to ask people why they were searching for social security numbers and home addresses etc..

What can you do about it? Good question but there is no clear answer. Clearly the laws should be tightened. How about using a mailbox or post office box? That could work. But the biggest solution is in you–you must be careful with your personal information. I’ll talk about that in various future posts. And I’m sure others will chime in with ways they use to protect themselves that seem to work.

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