Tip 6: Email Yourself

How many times have you read about someone who goes out with their phone and keys, and they disappear and nobody has a clue where they went?  That seems to happen all the time.  At least once a year the newspapers etc. go crazy with this type of situation.  The searches can go on for days or weeks and seem to never have happy endings. 

Now, I’ve talked about this in earlier posts and, if you read this, you’ll understand why I say you should always check in!  Tell people where you are going and what your schedule will be.  I do this and so do my kids.  We leave word with each other on our cell phones if nothing else.

But many people don’t like to let others know exactly what they are doing.  So here’s one possible solution:  Just send yourself an email.  Give the details of where you are going, with who, and when you will be back.  Then, if something doesn’t happen, you can just delete it. If something *does* happen, there is a record and a way to start getting help.

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