Use your common sense, please!

I got the following post (redacted) last week & it’s worth talking about for a minute.  “As I recently entered [a restaurant]  an angry uniform-wearing employee was exiting. He almost slammed the door in my face, then kept walking. I [complained to the manager].  As I was eating, the employee returned [and was told about my complaint so he] turned to look at me and began yelling for me to meet him outside. I refused. The other employees told him to go home and escorted him outside, but twice he returned and lunged at me, with the other workers holding him back. When I left I told the manager he wanted to fight me, but she refused to call the police. I walked outside to leave, and the guy was waiting for me. He got in my face, started yelling, then began throwing punches and karate kicks. Other employees pulled him off me, but he attacked again. At one point he was punching me in the ribs and holding one arm, while another employee was holding my other arm.”

First off, the  police should have been called immediately!  No excuses for not calling them.  If you have a problem at your firm, don’t hesitate for a second to call for help.  That’s what the police are for.

Second, what happened to the  cell  phone of the person who wrote me?  He should have used it asap.  If you are in this type of situation (and these days it happens all the time), USE YOUR CELL PHONE.  Don’t have one?  Get one!

Third, what silly person  goes outside when you  *know* that  there is someone out there waiting to  fight you?  Use your common sense!

Fourth,  the employees  should  NEVER, EVER, grab the person being hit.  As I  have posted before, you get between the combatants, you don’t grab one of them.  I know it’s dangerous but the alternatives are worse as this story shows.

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