Tip 1: Know where your family is

My first series of posts are going to deal with lifestyle choices and family members. They were originally created for parents to use with their children but I believe that these steps should be generalized to all family members.

Tip 1: Make sure you know where your family is are at all times.

I started doing this as a kid myself. I didn’t grow up in the US (I grew up in Central America) and one day we were caught up in a Revolution. My father was at work, my mother was at home, I was at school and my younger brother was — we didn’t know where he was. We found him after a *long* time searching and after that we always made sure we all knew where the other family members were.  I hope this doesn’t sound over-dramatic but with 911, carjackings, and other weird stuff going on, making sure that your family knows your schedule is only sensible.

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